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Specialities • Pictures • Pricing • Calorie Counts • Directories • Live TV • Menus •  Announcments • Project Highlights

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Kung Pao

Digisign’s "1-5-7" Packages Include:

                    1 - HD Commercial Display Screen

                    5 - Custom Client Display Screen Images

  Delivered In 7 Days


Mix and match with "Live TV Zones"  at same price

Perfect replacement for guest/dining areas

Combines Client Branding & Guest Entertainment via TV

Digisign’s Easy Sign Process:

  1. Purchase Digital Signage (enter coupon for discount)

  2. Email desired pictures, text & shipping address to

  3. Install signage

  4. Plug in power & USB drive recieved from Digisign

  5. Turn on sign and follow 2 on-screen instructions for displaying sign.  Call 913.530.0755 with any questions.

QSR Menus • Building Directories • Retail/Service Menu Boards • PTA Boards • Sport Schedules & Highlights

Digisign Systems

Corey N. Coffelt, Director Business Development

Tel: 913-530-0755

Place order by mail:

  1. Complete Shopping Cart Form & print

  2. Address payment to : Digisign Systems

  3. Mail Form & payment to:

                  Digisign Systems

                  Attn:  Corey Coffelt                          

                  5708 Cottonwood Dr.
                  Shawnee, KS  66216


Note:  Please include contact information, Digisign will contact you regarding specific pictures & text content for your NEW Digital Sign Display Screens.

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