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Digital Signage has been proven to increase sales by double digits, drive customer satisfaction, and enhance pricing flexibility. Trigger impulse-buying and advertise high-margin items.  Digisign Systems offers a wide range digital signage solutions and price points.


All-In-One Solution:

Simple Contents Creation using editor program. The image files taken at the business site can be simply inserted in the basic program.  This program offers the click-and-write function, easy even for beginners.  Contents created with provided templates are listed up. It is helpful when you play the multi contents. Even you can change the order of contents.



Scalable Solutions:

Whether it is one digital sign or a thousand, our solution gives you the flexibility to dynamically grow your digital signage network. Simply add a Media Player to a digital display and you are up in running in no time!

  • Advertising

  • Corporate Communications

  • Emergency Alerts

  • Interactive Kiosks

  • Meetings and Events

  • Exhibit / Trade Shows

  • Menu /Service Boards

  • Recognition

  • Travel

  • Way-finding/Mapping

  • ePoster

  • Retail

  • Pre-order Menu

The "ABCs" of Effective Signage:

"A"ttracts New Customers

"B"rands the Business

"C"reates Impulse Sales



   Display Your Products, Projects & Services In FULL HD Pictures & Video  

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LG Demo 14.png
LG Demo 13.png
LG Demo 12.png
LG Demo 11.png
LG Demo 06.png
LG Demo 05.png
Breakfast Buscuits.jpg
LG Demo 1.png
LG Demo 04.png
LG Demo 02.png
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LG Demo 01.png
LG Demo 03.png
LG Demo 04.png
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